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A beautiful story! How appropriate that her real name was Grace. How different it might have been if she had felt unwelcomed or unwanted. Grace should have been the name of the little girl who extended her friendship to one that others avoided. That's what grace does. We come to Him in our filthy rags and He receives us. I could only wish that any church that Dizzy had visited that day would have received her as the 2 individuals in this church did. One to encourage her to come in and one to encourage her to come forward. Very good piece.
Nice characterization. It also showed how sometimes all it takes is a friend to help us along with a little encouragement!
Hi, a good piece. I like your play on words with the title! I also think it contains an important message and might make readers think a bit more next time they see a stranger. Well done!
Oh darn, I want to read more of this story. Several ways to handle this, but one, in particular, would be to make it a children's devotional.
LOVED the title as well, and the choice of names. Thanks!
I liked the title and the whole story. A nice way to show someone excepting Christ. I was moved when Grace grabbed Marcy's hand and ran to the altar.
Nice title and excellent story. It just moved forward beautifully so that Dizzy even forgot her garments as she rendered her heart to the Lord.
Nice story. Before I became a Christian, no matter what I was wearing, I still felt a sense of things not being quite right. Your main character was a strong one. You showed her vulnerability and her shame in such a real way. When the opportunity for salvation came, you managed to show the moment of truth. I enjoyed your story very much.
Extremely well-written with an awesome message of hope. All those who come to God, come in filthy rags -just like Dizzy. I love her and I love your story!
This was wonderful! It was so polished and well written! Your readers were scooped up right into the heart of the story. We were in the church, squirming with discomfort with Dizzy and then rejoicing with her as she ran down the aisle! And when the congregation welcomed her - the warmth of that moment just glowed. Great story! I agree... take it a step farther and go with it!