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This sounds like a piece out of a novel.

I don't see it tying in with the topic, but it is very well-written. And sad indeed.
This is exceptional writing, masterful, in fact. You have captured the essence of obsession in general, and a writer's specific compulsion in particular (I breathed a sigh of relief that it was a typewritten page and salvageable rather than a deleted computer page!).
I do see a subtle tie-in with the WC topic. The wife walking out on her dream after trying and trying to recover what she's lost does it for me.
While the story gave me a feeling of sadness, the writing was compelling. I can see spilled milk in there somewhere!
Sure hope this is not a true account. I see the tie-in with the topic, albeit small, or it could be big depends on how the reader interprets it. Good writing overall.
Very, very sad, but well-written.
I saw the tie in as "crying" over the ruined page by abusing his own son. The page could easily be re-typed, but the relationships may never be healed.
Wow! Brillianly written! A master of the typewriter for sure, and a master of wordsmithing with no doubt!!
Interesting, entertaining, and a page turner from the very beginning to the end! Of course, your Comments are coming from writers - so hits us like a ton of bricks! Great spoof! Or was it...who knows? But nevertheless...I loved it! Pure magic! Kudos!
Oh, what a dreadful thing. You captured his idolatry for words so well without using too much description. That's good writing!
This is absolutely frightening and captivating and haunting. Incredibly portrayed, Paula. Wow.
This story made me want to take time off to go do something with family. You did a great job telling this story. It was very sobering for this writer. Well done.
Paula, you have captured in words what I never want to become.

Your ability to bend words to your will is amazing. I loved "I’ve seen him celebrate with champagne after his mind finally gave birth to his children of prose."
His life is not only spilt but spoiled milk. His wife had a choice-stay with the smell or move on.
Your writing is brilliant--yes, you may have skirted the topic a bit, but this is crafted beautifully. I loved it.
Compelling writing. The link with the theme might be obscure, but considering the excellence of the story, not worth worrying about.