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I like this hope-filled story. Thank God for friends who will help break destructive cycles, one step at a time.

Red Ink: I would use the noun "discouragement" at the beginning to properly agree with the nouns "hopelessness" and "depression", and the pronoun "they".
I've rarely read an entry written in 2nd person, and it's quite effective here. Nice job.
A nice topic for forgiveness but weak on this weeks topic. Still very well written.
I think this is very good, and would have an audience that would really benefit from the wisdom here.

Red ink: I agree with a previous comment. I think the word "discouragement" works better.

In my opinion, this is very on-topic. Great example of the proverb. Nice job.
Tearful. Hopeful. Blessed.

You hit the mark on this entry imho. I see the topic clearly. Agree that "discouragement" would be better and was going to suggest it before I read the other comments. Other than that, I absolutely love this article, including the POV. The last sentence absolutely ROCKS!
I want to give you big kudos for trying something different and being willing to learn from it. Red ink: Just a personal opinion: I would have turned this into a short story and written it in first person to get more feeling and description out of it.
Nice change of pace. Good read.
This is great! I loved how you wove your title in with the actual steps and mentioned the progress. Depression is something that needs someone to help with. This was good. Nice work! ^_^
The second person POV is very effective in this piece. I also think you have hit the mark on the topic and think this is quite different and a nice change of pace from other entries.