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Interesting information and illustration. I like your title.
The opening story about Darwin was a great hook!

This devo wandered a bit; a tightening of the focus might be in order.

Clever title.
I enjoyed the weaving in of Darwin in this challenging piece.
There is a very interesting point made here, that Charles Darwin (like the celebrated Bertrand Russell) arranged his scientific oservations to back up a point of view he acquired from his father. It seems in both cases, that the idea was planted (and accepted) before any observations were made! Thanks for that.

The article contains some very interesting information. I'd like to see it more clearly focussed to bring out the major idea. What one thing were you trying to get across?
Being too busy to go look up "rhea" and "bola" in the dictionary, I'll just admit I'm ignorant of what these things are; however, it had some interesting points, and I especially liked the "Socks part" I needed the humor. A bit rambling but nice job..(I think)..because I know nothing about rheas, bolas or evolution. So just consider the source on this Critique. (*.*)!
As we grow in God, hopefully we are evolving into His will for our lives! Thanks for sharing....