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Loved the title and everything else.
Keep at it!
How creative, to have the protagonist be a person who never even appears on the scene, except through a gift and a note!

FYI--"Bible" should always be capitalized. I wonder if it'd have slightly more impact if this story ended with him starting to read from John, without the last sentence. You've written your story well--the reader knows what's going to happen--consider leaving them with that note of hope, rather than with the obvious conclusion. Just a bit more dramatic that way.
Very creative take on the subject; not too sure if it qualifies, but nevertheless this essay shows a lot of promise. I recommend a Challenge buddy to clean up some of the glitches. You have a good grasp of story telling. Hope see more form you in the future.
Lovely story with a well developed character. I like the gift of the Bible; good writing!