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I like your 6th couplet especially--so true!

You don't need a comma at the end of every first line--sometimes no punctuation at all is needed. Just punctuate as you would a piece of prose.

Nice title, sweet little poem.
The title drew me in and I loved the poem. Thanks!
This is nice! Your message is good. You've done a good job with the rhyme and meter. One suggestion that someone gave me was to use a thesaurus. I found one online and I also like to use an online rhyming dictionary. (If you want more info PM me.) Keep working on your poetry!
I think this is lovely. A wonderful message - and nice job with the meter.
Very enouraging! Great job. And yes you need to keep writing!!!!!!!!
God bless.
This was a very good reminder as to what we should be doing each day and in a poem at that! Great job!
I like this, sweet and short. It flowed well and was easy and encouraging to read. Great job!
I can feel the place the writer/poet is coming from in this piece. It is written with honesty and integrity which makes its truth that much more profound. Keep up the great work!
This piece is full of encouragement. It's written from the heart, and I think you did a lovely job.
I liked the poem. I didn't think you needed the bit afterwards. Just my thought, though. You are an encouragement to many people on the FW boards, so you have already put this poem's words into action. :)