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What an absolutely precious story! I laughed, I cried. I could picture the petite powerhouse praisin' away! Nicely written....
I wish we had a Miss Raisen in our church!!!
This is great! Miss Raisin is real...I can taste her. But, more importantly, the theme is scriptural. Worship IS private, and humble, and reverent. Entirely different from praise. Good for you to know the difference. And bless Miss Raisin, her pastor, and her congregation, wherever they are!
I enjoyed this story--especially the main character's colorful country dialect. She really comes alive--I can see and hear her and feel as though I know her!

The story would have grabbed my interest sooner if it opened with dialogue or immediate action (as some grand entrance of Miss Raisin herself).

I loved the title--a wonderful name, and a title with anybody's personal name in it always sparks my curiosity!
I also adore Miss Raisin - every church needs one. Great descriptions too. Would love the story to have started with a bit more "oomph," but this was still a wonderful read.
I too enjoyed this story, and the believability of the central character; Not sure I subscribe to the distinctions made between praise and worship. Anyway, very well done- I hope it gets acknowledged.
Wonderful story! I love the character of Miss Raisin and you chose an outstanding title for this entry. Congratulations on placing 6th. Yay!