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Very good, in fact one of the other entry title would work for this one too, "getting naked" sometimes that's what we have to do let others see us stripped bare. But I understand the title it was the right time. Good writing.
Really good writing. You had me engrossed in the story right from the start. Your characterizations are right on the mark for this age group. Good job!
Your opening paragraph is great! love the "crazy flakes" :)

I liked reading the story of Daria and Lily. You've got good images of college life and friends "closer than sisters".

I think you have a LOT of talent. I look forward to reading more of your writings.
This is really great writing.

I loved the imagery in this line:
"Looking at the leafless branches she realized that if she were to do this, she would have to lay her soul as bare as the naked trees". Also loved "crazy flakes" and the image of the beagles licking up the chocolate.

I think a little transition between their locations would have been helpful because they seemed to be tranported to different locations suddenly. First they were eating breakfast, then walking to classs, then sitting on the couch talking, then she was giving her testimony. This would be easy to fix with phrases like "Later that day." This is just my humble opinion. Ask other people as well.

Really great job. You are a great writer.
Good imagery in your piece. I like your tease all the way through with the mc's secret she needed to share.
I must say, I wasn't expecting the secret that Lily had in store. It's very important for Christians who have suffered in this way to come forward and help others, but it does take an amazing amount of boldness to do so. Very good fit for this week's topic.
Wow, loved the last line. Congrats on your placing!