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I think we have all been at that spot where something is missing and we need to trust Him and rely on Him all the more. The ocean setting is perfect for such contemplation. Great article to help people know they aren't alone in those times.
You captured a moment that we all have experienced, I'm sure. And your writing is very polished! I like the descriptive bits in your story. I'd be curious to see how you write dialog, too. Good job!
Even as a teen I was the "put-together" girl who had her head on straight. No one had to worry about Laurie.

But what happened when I did have a problem, or doubts? Who could I turn to then? No one really knew what to do when I felt weak.

I wanted to share that because you touched on feelings I've had more than once in my life. At the end all I wanted to say to Eris was, "Sometimes we're so immersed in God's love and presence, we don't realize what it's truly like to go without it." Does that make sense? In any case, a beautiful contemplation, and I thank you for it.
This is something that most of us have experienced in our walk with God. Well done.
Wonderful writing on a place in our walk with God that most of us have been. You pictured it nicely.
This was interesting. I think we've all been there at one point or another. Good job and especially with the dialouge. I like the name Eris, too. Nice. ^_^
The nature of faith — believing when you don't see, or understand, or feel. The latest news is that even Mother Teresa of Calcutta had her moments! Well done.
Very sharp writing - your imagery is wonderful. Enjoyed this very much.
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