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A powerful way to make the point that our sufficiency is in God, not in message boards nor even (gasp!) a particular church...we sometimes need a time of brokenness to come to that realization.

There are a few spots here that would benefit from more "showing" and less "telling." For example, instead of telling your readers that she had agoraphobia, show us by something like "Angie tried to step onto her front porch, but the pounding of her heart forced her back inside...." You get the idea.

Good writing, and a good reminder to all of us to watch what we write.
You've attacked the theme from a very interesting and unique angle. The message is a good, and you have written a very good story to wrap around it. Nice work.
Yes, in the face of anger, we need to rely on Jesus Christ. He is our answer.
I enjoyed your entry. It reminded me of the saying...'garbage in, garbage out.' We think of being influenced by movies or tv. You have shown another source of pollution effecting our minds. A powerful example of intrusion, even upon one nearly in seclusion And the solution being found once again in Him.
Congratulations on receiving a Highly Commended for your entry! Good job. :)
This is a great story. Your writing drew me in and kept me riveted to the end. It's sad when Christians bring others down instead of building them up. But, your ending pointed to the ultimate solution, turning to God Himself.
How we need this kind of thinking! It's always all about Jesus. What a great topic to tackle Laurie.
Congratulations on you EC! Your article was pointed out to us from the prayer thread. Thank you for writing so much emotion and truth in this piece. We all should take time to pray before we respond to one another--things would be so much better.
CONGRATULATIONS, Laurie, on your "Highly Commended"!
This excellently written story has such a realistic "ring" to it, and I understand how you feel! :)

You used some wonderfully descriptive words and phrases, and your message was clear and powerful!