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Pretty solid essay. The opening confused me a little - space arrangements, but I generally liked the idea.
I like this story, also. I wonder how many young people give much thought to the selflessness of a successful marriage? This is a good article.
You have presented a very important point in an enjoyable read. If only young couples looked at their marriage with this mindset. You write with confidence!
Terrific story, great lesson, and well written too. Good work.
Wow, this is a wonderful story... It is one of my favorites this week!
Very nice. Good, believable dialogue. There is also a nice flow to the story. Thanks!
Great pep talk. Your story flowed and was easy to follow. Great voice! I loved the "-my goodness" when the uncle remembered the blueberry muffins. The only thing I can think of are the first two sentences. I don't really know enough to tell you why, but I feel like it jumped too quickly from Old man/Young man. Maybe if you refered to him one more time as his nephew squatting down (second sentence), before identifying him as the young man. Take it or leave it - it's not enough to do any damage. Your story is well written, either way. And you did a great job in voicing your message.
Wonderful, wonderful message - and great job with dialogue! This was so compelling.
Great plot! Excellent message! I really enjoyed it and kind of am hoping for a sequel...... You know where the Uncle meets up with Amy again at some point. Sparks fly.... Amy's husband has died and then you can write the REST OF THEIR LOVE STORY. Loved it!
Nice job, great message!
Great writing! I loved the story and especially the dialouge between the uncle and his nephew. Good job.
Great story- love the conversation. Good job with the dialog - very natural sounding. Great message too. A wise uncle, and a wise nephew for listening to his elder, too!