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I really liked the concept of being a little bit "fluffy". It conjures up warm and loving and cute things. Things we love to hug. What a great idea. Very nurturing story for young people.
Great subject that needs to be addressed. One suggestion: "Fluffy" would be a word you might use with very young kids and then some of the other topics are geared toward old children. In other words, I'm not sure a child who needed to hear "fluffy" would know who Paris is. My seven year old would not know who Paris is (Though she may be very sheltered, so I may be wrong!). But great topic and good,encouraging words.
Your story reminds me of the biblical quote where God (Yahwey) tells the Hebrews "Be holy because I am holy" Leviticus 19:2.

I'm a guy who has struggled with weight since I was BORN at 10 lbs 3 ozs.

You found a receptive audience in me tonight. At fifty one years of age (and STILL overweight) I've found that God isn't too interested in your weight...but rather with what you do with the temple that He has given you.

I pray that you find peace tonight.

Lay Chilly. (That's an old Marine Corps term that we use to express that we want you to be protected and safe.)

I really like this. I, have so many friends who I grew up with who faced cruel teasing because of their "fluffiness". I on the other hand had the opposite problem. No matter how hard I tried when I was young, I could not gain weight and was made fun of for being EXTREMELY thin and anemic on top of that.:0)
Feeling different or freakish can tear away at self esteem. It is but another tool of the enemy to destroy what is prescious to God, His children. I really think you should develop this and submit it into a girls magazine. It's very encouraging. God bless,keep up the writing hon. Janice
This is definitely a message that young people need to hear. I feel like this might work a bit better geared toward the teen crowd, because of your references, but otherwise this is great!
Love the excess weight being called fluffies, we've pretty much all probably had to deal with them at some time. It is definitely something many young girls are struggling with. Good advice and input of positive thoughts to embed in their mminds. Keep writing
This should encourage a heavy child to feel better about themselves. However, I can't see a ten-year-old, cutting their hair (on thier own), painting their nails and wearing makeup. The weight part is encouraging.