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This should be titled "Ode to Kenn". It is very good.
Great poem. I wonder if he's seen it yet? You did him a great justice.
This turned out really good! You should be proud! I enjoyed this a lot!
Good job! :-)
What a nice tribute! This was nicely done! Are you sure it's your first try at poetry????
Great tribute to a great poet!
Wonderful tribute to a man with a heart for God!
Boy, like you can do better than that, Kenn. No way! What a touching tribute. What a sweet poem.
I-I'm speechless. During the darker times when doubt clouds my mind, it is encouraging people like the writer of this poem - AND those who commented - who convince me I am indeed doing what God planned for my life. Thank you very much.

However, this is not supposed to be about me, but your poem. If it is true you have never dabbled in rhyme before, I'm VERY impressed! You did a good job maintaining a constant rhythm and flow throughout. Poems may not be your chosen genre, but within your chest beats the heart of a poet, which can truly enhance your efforts as a novelist.
Just delightful - I agree that if this is your first try at poetry you may just have a gift you didn't know about. Well written (and a great topic too!)
My thoughts exactly -- and I think a lot of FaithWriters feel this way.

This was great to read.
You did what no other poet has done!!! You got a comment from Kenn! Amazing! First time I've ever seen his name in comment section. Great job to get this kind of reaction! God Bless!
Beautiful poem, and beautiful message. :-)
This is a hoot to read! I love how you wrote this weeks topic into poetry and honored a fellow writer to boot!
Very nice & nicely done!
If this is truly a first try, you did very well. I echo the sentiments already given.
I love this! And, you do have poetic talent---a great tribute to our dear KennAllen, too!
very nice and a well-deserved tribute!
How sweet! This was lovely and flowed very nicely. Great job.
WOW. sounds like something I would have written myself! Wish I HAD! I think it's great and maybe poetry IS your niche.
God Bless