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Good work.

But, I didn't get this one, sorry. Maybe someone else will, poetry isn't my strong suit.
I guess one would call this prose (the un-rhymed type of poetry)...I am a little dense at times and don't always get the point. It's Not the author's fault,'s mine. So consider the source, and smile! You met the challenge!
Your poem is a good description of a Christian's wake-up call to a friend. We may have to risk the relationship sometimes, in order to sound a warning.
This is beautiful and an excellent message. Anyone who says they are a true believer should be the type of mentor the narrator of your poem is.

Two little things that I noticed (but didn't detract from the message):

In this line "Ever so skillfully, you’re distracted from your fate" I knew you meant Satan was very skillful at distracting the young believer, but it almost sounded as if the young believer was the one who was being skillful.

This line "Just like you, I was rescued from pride’s deep deception" sounds as if the young believer has been rescued already but the whole concept of the poem is that the young believer NEEDS rescuing before it is too late.

I loved these lines:
"For I have traveled the very road which calls to you
A road filled with deceiving images," and

"He placed someone in my path to stand, to speak and to tell
Though I did not welcome it at the time
I am so glad He found someone willing to be used."

Those two places made me think. Thanks for sharing.
I'm always impressed by those who can write freestyle poetry. This piece is no exception - ESPECIALLY since it was done with 3-line stanzas. And the message is one encountered by all Christians at one time or another. Well done.
This work really touched the "mother's heart" in me, reminding me of how, if we have children, we most likely will face this battle with at least one child, and how hard it will be but how we must have great courage. Excellent work.
Very good thought here. Standing in the gap.
Very, very good. This is a great story of someone who's "been there" and who wants to save a friend from a similar fate. Very good