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I would love to hear all about your pageant: descriptions of the children, their costumes, little mistakes, opening night...was it cold and snowing outside? What town the Church is in...and all 50 years ago. You have some wonderful experiences to share with us. Thanks for the window to peek through. Looking forward to your next one.
Oh, the imagery you could have used. I would love to read more about this. It sound wonderful. Please try to be more elaborate. Nicely done.
The fact this happened so long ago is proof that there are so many things that make such an impression on us as children. It was a sweet trip down memory lane and like the others, you made me want to know more about all the characters!
You brought back so many childhood memories of past Christmas pageants. Thank you!
The story apparently could be a great one, but the errors in the beginning of the story is kind of discouraging, it does not motivate the reader to proceed. Mispelled words, and distinction in words like there and their can be very depleting to a writer's work. Don't be discouraged, as these are common mistakes. Try using spelling check and the grammar features on your computer, as they a very helpful when you're not sure of your spelling, grammar and punctuation capabilities.