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Very cute & sweet!
Very good article. Love little Marissa. However you don't sew seeds, you sow seeds. Very good pov though.
Such a sweet story. One can tell she goes to Sunday School and church. I like the idea that the doctor mends cuts and Jesus mends hearts. Nice story

God Bless, Jeanette
What a heart touching story. I pray that your little girl never loses her innocent view of Jesus mending hearts. Great job.

In Jesus' Name,

You told this story so well through engaging conversation. I enjoyed the little seamstress' voice.
A sweet little story about this sweet little lady. I enjoyed the POV very much. Good job
This is sweet. *Very* good characterization of the little girl. Keep writing.
This is adorable!

There were a few places where the dialog seemed not quite realistic--easy to fix.

You've created three wonderfully believable characters.
Quite an adoring little 5-year old you created. :) Nice job! Wouldn't it be nice if all doctors could speak and believe like this one? Blessings, Jo
The story flowed really well. I loved the little girl--reminded me of my own, lo these many years ago! Must be based on a real child!
Nice, believable scenario, and sweetly told. Well done.
Lovely litle story! I also loved Marissa. Out of the mouths of babes, eh?
The dialogue was especially good. A very enjoyable read!