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I read this, firt of all, because of the unusual title. Then I got caught up in your description. I almost felt like I was going through it with you. Very well written!
loved it, well done. especially loved its setting. I chickened out of my chance to bungee over vic. falls... this made me sad for that. very well written. good job!
Nice. Because I was too scared to try it when I had the chance, I would've liked to have read more about the physical sensations (sights, stomach feelings, etc.), of the actual fall & subsequent bounces -- given a bigger word count of course. Good job of describing the internal thoughts of the jumper.
Great job keeping the reader on the edge of the seat. Well written.
Great descriptions here - you could really feel what the woman was going through internally. I've never bungee jumped before, but you painted it well.
I'm so glad she was able to take the plunge. I could never do it, and would probably never be talked into it. Her thoughts would not have been my thoughts, but then she was brave. I'm not. Good job.
I loved how you threw in "just enough" clues early on. Enough to make you pretty sure she's talking about bungee jumping, but few enough that you still have a lingering doubt whether she's actually attached to anything. Great job.
Excellent description, and just enough details to make us wonder (effectively!) what exactly she was doing. Wow.
Oooh! You surprise us with the end. I almost thought she was in a parachute and then I realized that it wasn't far away enough. I liked the title of Spiderwoman-very catchy and the comparison at the end. A perfect end to a great read, I especially liked the you-are-there-atmosphere-You made me want to go bungee jumping! ^_^
Creative title. I have never bungee jumped, but it sounds exciting. Nice job.
Great descriptions. There were alot of emotions here, and I felt each one. Great job!
Thanks everyone for your awesome words of encouragement! I loved writing this piece and NO I have never went bungee jumping in my life. hehehe
Yay! You placed! CONGRATS! ^_^
Wonderful portrayal Kathy!

Like you, I have never been bungee jumping either. In my imagination I would be brave and easily take the step off the ledge. In reality I would probably require someone to get behind me and push me off of the platform.

I'm so excited for you on placing 2nd...excellent job!

Jayne :o)