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Your words are very descriptive and your message is very clear. God wrote His story in the creation of the wonderful world. A good take on the subject and it is well written
The imagery and visuals were so real. Very well done.
I hope you continue this...I want to know what happens next! The ability to transport the reader to another world entirely is rare, but you have it. Thanks for writing this!
Wow! This is extroardinary. Well done. Keep writing.
Good job at painting us a picture of this fantasy world.

This is perhaps a bit heavy on the adverbs--almost always a strong verb is better than a verb + adverb. However, I realize that adverbs and adjectives are very much a part of this genre. Just something to experiment with, perhaps.

I love the message here--God will always endure, despite what came before this moment. Very nice.
Nice! Very well done. I'm glad that you didn't end it, as it is you have me longing for more.
This was very well done. Very interesting. I'm surprised it was not in the winner's circle. But the competition is really great.