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Very cute and creative and a good metaphor. Nicely done!
I really liked this, you know. I love baking bread and I could see each step and feel the soft dough between my fingers when it was mixed. Good job.
ya know for most of the week i was stumped with a poem. then remembered it can be anything. hehe didnt think it was posible
The metaphor maintained throughout the poem was good. In some ways I liked the "You know" repaeting, becuase it served as a much needed reminder, but from a poetic point of view I am not sure it worked for. There was not enough variety in the rhyming words.
I love this! Very effective use of repetition, and the sing-song quality echoes the rhythm of kneading a batch of dough, you know. Great!
Great message in your loaf of bread! Jesus often used every day objects and events to speak a truth, and so did you!