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Intriguing fantasy--very creative and original! Am not sure whether the characters in this story are supposed to be angels or superheroes or both (?)--but it was fun, though sadly revealing, to see them posing as human volunteers and viewing human culture and behavior from an other-worldly perspective.
This reminded me of my daughter's role-playing games. I enjoyed this interesting fantasy. Good work.
Very creative and engaging. One nit-picky thing - they were told not to alter the future, but by touching the humans' lives and introducing many to Christ, the future was changed. :) Maybe that line could have been left out, or changed, just giving them the instruction about wars and such.

I love reading about time travel, and enjoyed this very much.
Enjoyed this! I'm not a big sci-fi fan, but this really grabbed my interest. A great job with this, especially your commentary on us!
Such a an intriguing and creative take on the subject of volunteering! It was fun and thought-provoking at the same time! Great job! :)
I'm not a sci-fi fan either but this was really good.

Great symbolism, dialogue and format.

Some really great writing too to pull it off! ;)

This is very well done. I loved the creativity in this piece!
I am not a fantasy fan, but the style and symbolism in this effort is interesting. This shows a lot of creative thinking in producing this essay. Thank you for sharing it.
Very facinating. I appreciate how you made sure to credit their powers to God. I was glad you provided the key at the end, since I was unclear as to some of their gifts. Good job!
Very interesting. I enjoyed the viewpoint. I think it would be stronger if you narrowed your story to fewer characters, or had more time to develop all of them.

A creative, fun read.
Wow! I am impressed with your talent and creativity. So cool that even in this sci-fi context our God, the Father of all, is honored and glorified.
Well done.
Well done, and well written.

Everything flowed, but there were a couple of times I had to re-read so I wouldn't be confused, usually during dialect.
I would have liked to have heard actual instances of what they did to help, but I know word count is important. I think, expanded to include specifics, this would make a great story.
I really enjoyed this; it is the kind of fantasy world it would be nice to get lost in for a little longer ... like the time it takes to read a novel!

The piece had a pleasent light tone ... but it might have been better to enter into more of their moral aversion to what they experienced. It also might have been better to follow just one or two of them in more of their encounters with us ... it ended up as though you "told" rather than "showed."

Keep writing, this was a fun piece that shows real inventiveness.