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I love this article! It has humor and truths all throughout! I shared it with my husband and he could relate!!Nice writing!
Ouch! What a great job, gently pointing out how the "We" folk can drive the "Me" people crazy. Since my preference is to never serve on a committee ("just give me a job to do!"), I need to remember NOT to "volunteer" my husband when I like an idea. Thanks for sharing your insights so eloquently.
Very good - enjoyed this tremendously. Good line about inverting the M to a W. Well written!
Definitely did a wonderful job of getting your message across! Well-written!
I enjoyed this very much and you definitely got conveyed your message. Good job!
I loved the line about a "sense of fashion being a tool belt" ! Very clever writing!
Well written, I can't believe that I fit into this, except I'm the "Me" that likes to build.
This was so much fun, I read it incredibly quickly. I didn't want to get stuck on whether I was Me or the We. Good job.
Perfectly awesome take on the topic that sooooo describes so many of Me's! ;)

Loved it - an absolute joy to read!
I guess we can all be a "me" at some point. Cute. Nice Job.
Hurray Ed!! I told you it was one of my favorites! Now you can move up!!