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very catchy beginnig i like it
I have been in prison ministry for the last ten years. In fact, my daughter met her husband there (he was on a team with my husband). We bring the Walk to Emmaus into the prisons as well into the "street walks," as we call it, for ordinary citizens. I have always said that the prison Walk is more moving because you don't have to waste time in there showing them that they are sinners. They know it! Much of the time, their crimes deal, in some fashion, with drugs. Often, they were out of their heads on cocaine or heroin. They get off them and are stuck in prison for a long, long time. It's a long time to be sober! When a person tries prison ministry they often get hooked on it: the unexpected strength of faith, the passions so near the surface, etc. They end up ministering to us. Thanks for the fresh insight. I can vouch for your insights as being honest, accurate and authentic. Good prison...and here!
Thanks for sharing. Your last paragraph sums up everything we should know about being in prison - physically or spiritually.
Your first sentence is a great way to get someone's attention. It kept me wanting to read what you had to say. Good job :^)