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What I like - this was beautiful. I loved the last line. I loved what I learned about the daughter and her abilities. Your sentences flowed nicely.
What I might change - maybe add some more dialogue further up? I did like this story. You did a great job!
What a lovely, lovely story! A super take on the topic. I truly enjoyed this, hoping it is true, or at least based on truth!!
This is a wonderful story, it's vibrations went straight to my heart. WOW!
Great Story!! I think the title is perfect. My favorite line:

They painted an image for me, and I completed it in my head. It’s my silent melody.”

Wonderful writing and thank you for sharing your heart.

God Bless, Kaye
What a unique take on this topic! Great creativity.
Touching and sweet. As the dad of a little girl, I appreciated their tenderness. Good job!
This was beautiful. It truly is amazing how we all "hear" in different ways. Thanks for painting a beautiful portrait of a person who is hearing impaired.
Your sweet story proves we can be in tune to God despite our impairments. Good job! Blessings. Jo
Wow! Wonderful story. IF it's fictional, you'd never know. You wrote the father/daughter interaction at the piano great and chose the perfect words to describe how she "heard" the melody.
5th place EC Allison! Way to go girl. This is a wonderfully delightful take on the topic.
Congratulations Allison!! WOW! Someones moving on up!
Wonderful!!! :)
Wow! Allison - - congratulations on a well-deserved win! Marvelous writing.
Thanks so much. I cried. But I feel so touched. You are very good. I do love the way sign language flows and seems so beautifully expressive. I have always been fascinated with how graceful people look signing to music. Congrats!
Congratulations on this well-deserved win. Looking forward to reading more.
I can absolutely see why this won. This was beautiful music to my eyes.