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Oh, this is so beautiful - sad but beautiful.

I lost my mother 11 yrs ago and her favorite song was, "What a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong" and everytime I'm in need that song seems to play in the back ground. It gives me comfort.

Your entry touched me deep within - just what I needed this morning. Shivers went up my back as the hymn played again. Awesome job.
I've been following your work for some time now. I see you've gained tremendous personal growth as a budding writer. To share such a personal story with us is a blessing.

Your vivid imagery and emotions swept me away. I wept for you as a young girl and for you the beautiful, faithful woman you've become. Your mother would be so pleased that you found your way back. God bless.
What I like - It is just beautiful. I love the emotions that are so vivid. The character is well developed but mostly I love the ending!
What I might change - nothing! Very nice piece of writing - I mean that!
Very well done and a beautiful tribute to your mother. Congraulations.
This is such poignant writing, I comment through tears for the 13-year-old child facing this reality. You write so very well.
Your story has captured my heart. An incredible heart wrenching story with a beautiful ending. Your descriptive language is absolutely lovely. Excellent Writing. Wow!
Excellent writing, some brilliant phrases. A precious tribute to your mother and a statement of your own healing...
A beautiful tribute, and it's amazing how a song can take us back in time.
"When we reached the cemetery...they buried me, too." LOVED this paragraph especially. Wonderful job.
Gorgeously written.
This is so well told and poignant - and what a wonderful "turnaround." You touched my heart with this!!
There is no loss greater than the loss of a mother. My mom's favorite hymn was "In The Garden" also and she was my dearest friend. Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. Well done!
This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
You've written a very touching piece. It's beautiful, bittersweet. Isn't that just like God to meet you and bring you to face what you needed to go on? To heal your little girl heart. Well done!
Such a touching story. Thank you for sharing it.
Beautiful story! That's one of my favorite hymns...
Way to write Ann! Congrats on your 2nd place win! I shall be looking for your entry in the top 40!
WOO HOO!!! Way To GO ANN!! I am thrilled for you as this was a perfect story!!:)) Glad you decided to enter here. You are a good writer!

Hey Ann, this is so touching, a great tribute to your mum. Your writing has certainly taken you to a new level. Keep sharing
I didn't intend to miss adding my congratulations, here, for your winning entry. I'm just thrilled for you, Ann. You've got the gift, for sure! Praise the Lord!
Oh, this is so sad but so promising and shows how hope is renewed at the end. I'm sorry of your mothe's lost but so glad that one day you will rejoice with her in heaven. I could relate to this as I just lost my mom about 8 weeks ago from the affects of a severe stroke,etc. It has been so difficult beyond expression, although I know where my precious mom and best friend is as she was so close to her Lord. Thank you for sharing this piece with me. It brought tears to my eyes but hope to my soul. God bless you in every way and do keep on writing. Your pieces are such jewels to behold:0)