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Interesting and jarring, although I'm not sure how it relates to the topic, "Shrewdness". But, in any case, it was interesting and had good flow.
Wow! This was a jolt. Great writing technique and an interesting story. I too am struggling with how it relates to the topic, but great writing anyway. Maybe the girl thought she was too shrewd to listen to her father? This may be a stretch, but symbolically telling us not to think we're too shrewd to listen to our Father? I'd love to know what you were intending here, send me a PM and let me know! Enjoyed the read.
I just reread after your PM and I don't think you were too subtle at all. This is a great entry. I love that your MC was usually a good girl and kind of listened to her Dad, just not enough. It only takes once for disaster to strike. This is one to chew on. Excellent work!
I think what I read in terms of the topic matter, was a young girl trying to be mature, to be shrew in her thinking, remembering to listen to her parents. Then at that one brief moment, she had to put it all together and try to find a way out. This time there wasn't a way out, she was caught in the actions of another.
Sometimes even being shrew doesn't save us. I thought the imagery here was great.