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Great story and writing. Loved the descriptives. Deceptions begets deception!
Very nicely written. Story flowed from beginning to end and kept me engrossed. It was quite frightening, actually.

I like the way you described marriage like sandbags. To describe marriage like sandbags can be a good thing, as well. A strong marriage, like sandbags, can protect you from painful experience life can throw at you. You don't have to go it alone. Good submission.
A great entry. Your story was vividly told and the topic nailed. Terrific.
Excellent writing and story-telling. I don't know if "enjoyed it" would be the right words-LOL- but it definitely held my interest.
Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Gracious! What a story! It sure kept my attention.
Well done. This exposed the selfishness of wanting everyone and everything to please one person alone, and the consequences of living that way.
I think the title said it all.
You craftily exposed the selfishness of the husband and how he got his deserts. We reap what we sow.
Great story. Well written and drew me in from to start to finish.


Where is the shrewdness? I can see selfishness and reaping what you sow, but I can't see shrewdness. This maybe just me. It certainly kept my attention.
I looked up shrewd in the dictionary. Synonyms are astute, cagey, slick: having or showing clever awareness and resourcefulness. I think this husband showed shrewdness in leading a double life and keeping his affair from his wife.