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This is a very important topic: witnessing. Interesting pairing it up with young people driving. Keep writing.
I really enjoyed the dialogue in this story. We never know when our words will fall on an open heart.
Great writting!
A light hearted story with a deep hearted conversation. Kept it real, simple and applicable to every day life. An delightful read. I enjoyed this.
I agree---great job on the dialogue & writing.
I agree, excellent job with the dialogue, this was a very true to life conversation in how it flowed, and a wonderful portrayal of witnessing as well. Good writing.
Always a pleasure reading your articles! Keep up the great work.
Got a REAL kick out of your second to last line. You did an excellent job of keeping your two people "in character" through this - It's rare I can read through as much dialogue as is here and not have to go back and see who is saying what. Great read!
Great job! Sophie just needs to repent for speeding and being a bad example in front of her unsaved friend..LOL :) but hey if that's what it took to get him to think about his soul then maybe it's okay????? You did a good job with the dialogue-Good flow. Keep on writing!
Kept my interest. Good work.
Oh, this IS a delightful read! Sure enjoyed this light-hearted approach to what is more often a very serious topic. So cute!!
Normally, I'd say that you needed to include something more than just dialog, but I think you made it work. I especially liked the beginning section in the car. :)