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This is heart-warming and such a sweet testimony of a soul turned over to Jesus. I was blessed in reading it. Thomas
I too, was saved at the age of six and I knew then also - my soul was not my own.

Perfect voice for this poem - a childs voice. Good job and well written.

I enjoyed reading about the childs spunk in walking past her family!
I really enjoy honest writing without any pretensions of being anything but what it is. This is a sweet poem written from a tender heart I know loves Jesus. You can tell you love the Lord. You ministered your point well. I am very glad I read this. Thank you.
God Bless!!!!
A beautifully simple recounting of a momentous occasion. I loved the reference to ‘Just as I am’ as words of gold and ‘A family ticket I cannot give;/For this your soul, it needs to live.’ Well done for a first ever entry into the challenge! Yeggy
You took me back to a time when I was nine! The simplicity of this poem allows the message to shine.
At six years old I wasn't old enough to know what a 'soul' was - but I did know the story of Jesus born in Bethlehem. If this is a true story, and the Writer DOES remember it, then it's a remarkable story; otherwise I would say if it's fiction, the writer should change the age of the child to make it more realistic. The concept is great, and has a great message. Thank you.
I was six too ... and it was a genuine fear of hell after a conversation with my mother that resulted in me tossing and turning half the night. Finally, I went to my mother and asked her to help me give my heart to Jesus. So I identify with your poem. Well done.
This poem says a lot. A wonderful example of coming to the knowledge of God and that it is an individual choice.
What a great testimony you started the challenges with in a sweet child's voice.
Just lovely and meaningful - a wonderful first entry (and the same week I started! Waddayathinkathat? hehe)
So sweet and innocent, written from the faith of a child. :)
Funny I should be reading this now, I just discussed this very thing with a friend of mine. Just like our first loves you never forget the day we gave our soul to Jesus. This was very heart-warming.