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This is quite good, well written, and deep. I liked the line: They possessed such power, yet rarely had the realization of it. I agree that it wrapped up quickly (sigh 750 words), but you did it well. :)
I loved this! Great writing.
This is a wonderfully written story from an angel's perspective. It held my attention all the way through. I would love to see it expanded also. Very creative.
Congratulations on your win! Well-deserved recognition for a very creative and well-written story!
Look at you go Steve...2 beginner's have won EC's this week! 8th place EC winner. Congrats. Two more wins and you'll be a master as well. Oh my! I'm just so thrilled for you. Well deserved win.

Congratulations, Steve! Very creative slant. You really gave the feeling of being inside an angel's head and heart. I could feel the compassion. Well-deserved win!
Congratulations! Wonderful job! :)
Congratulations, Steve! Your name on the Editor's Choice list means you will be published in the FW book, doesn't it? Bravo to one of my consistently favorite writers!
Steve, What can I say? I absolutely loved this. I could feel the struggle. Life
and its assignments do not end here and you protrayed that so very well. It reminds of the song in Titanic about how the heart goes on.

I agree with everyone else; this should be expanded. I hope you will.

Congratulations on your EC

Great writing. I especially enjoyed the way you surprise the reader with the realization that this is an angel. I love the part about questioning God's judgement. Congratulations!
Congratulations, Steve! With your previous "highly commended" articles in the beginners category, I knew you were destined for bigger and better things. We'll miss you in beginners, but I'll be cheering for you all the way. :-)
Awesome! I enjoyed the angel's perspective. You caused my imagination to run wild!