The Official Writing Challenge
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I liked the format of little snippets and glimpses of life. Great job for a first entry! Watch out. You'll soon be addicted like your wife. ;)
Welcome to FaithWriters! This is a captivating read. I love your word choices that enable you to encapsulate half a lifetime into less than 750 words! Beautifully written--and the ending is perfect: The real LIFE begins after all this!
This is wonderful. I loved the fast pace clip style. You covered a lot of ground here. Great job. Oh, and welcome to Faith Writers.
Welcome, welcome, welcome, a beginner you are not! What an awesome job your first time here at FW. Love your quick snippets.

Looking forward to your second challenge.

Blessings & Keep writing for the glory of HIM.

This style was great!! just enough words to create a huge picture of life!! I absolutely loved touched me.:)
This was wonderful from the very first paragraph. It was fascinating to read the little turns and twists along the way and you expressed it al so well; the wonder, the pain, the joy. Great stuff!
Way to go, Stephen--congratulations! I so enjoy your perspective and flow! I don't think you'll be at Level 1 for long.
Good work! Congratulations! :)
Wow. You definately don't belong in Beginners. A husband who has the same amount of talent os his wife! Incredible! Your word choices were beautiful. The flow was majical. Welcome to FW! You'll fit right in!
This is great. Life in a wonderful nutshell of exceptional flow and beauty. Your words were well chosen. Reading between the lines I felt a sense of romance; God's romancing of our lives until the end and beyond. This should touch and crack any tough nut with a sense of purpose in life.