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I find this a very heartwarming story and with some polishing and "showing" some of the scenes to make it flow better, it would be a great encouragement to others in situations that are difficult.
How tender is this story in its description of appreciation of a dear grandfather. It is so refreshing after today's stories of lesser passions! Appreciation, which is in effect thanksgiving, is the great eye-opener. Great theme!
A very touching story. I love the line 'No matter what the circumstance, the creation of life is a creation by God.'
Good story. With a little tweaking, this will have maximum impact. I really enjoyed reading this.
A beautiful story. The present, the past and the future were well woven to give a clear picture picture of LIFE. Well done!
I particularly like your indepth descriptive style.
No accidents or mistakes in God's divine design. A lovely tribute. Nicely done.
What a beautiful example of the redemptive hand of God. He reaches into a life and touches each decendant, as that same hand reaches into the past and through your telling-brings honor.
I read this story twice and I made a verdict. You need to move up a level. :)