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Some believe that the ark is indeed directly under the cross where Jesus died. God is orderly and structured - it is possible. Nice writing and telling of a mystery.
Breathtaking piece! You have my heart pounding. Keep writing; soon you'll be giving us a run for our money in levels 3 and 4!

(By the way, I have sat under teaching that presents compelling evidence for your story...)
Wonderful use of language dipicting strong images. Wonderful, simply wonderful.
Compelling writing. You're a great storyteller. Wonderful job evoking emotion! :)
I agree ... strong scenes. Good movement. Go back through and take out every adverb. Your word choices are strong enough, you don't need them. See if you can write this without the section breaks (my preference... I don't like the breaks. Some really like them, though)

You've got good ability. Just polish up a bit and you'll be there! :-)
A very good, descriptive story. Very well written. Good job.
Very smooth writing. You captured the tension and urgency.
Am I really in "Beginners?" This is a masterpiece! I love what you have done with these chapters from Scripture. Your writing is polished to perfection and I will be tracking this author once I discover who you are! God has blessed you with a wonderful gift!
Wonderful writing. You brought the Scripture to life. I agree, there is compelling evidence to at least make one question the possibility that the ark is still around. Only God knows.
Very creative--it would not be out of the realm of possibility for the ark to be somewhere in Jerusalem still.

I see you moving up another level very soon.
A great story. I love the ark being placed where the blood of Christ could splash upon it.

I look forward to reading more of your work. If you apply some of the polishing suggestions I gave you on the last and take Maxx's advice here, you would have a winner.

Great stuff! :)