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Neat dialogue. I can feel the joy without you having mentioned it.
Sweet story. The epitome of joy.
Sounds like just the right kind of grandma. That's how I want to be someday. :)
Yeah, that fits "Joy" quite well! The dialogue is very realistic, so congratulations on portraying both characters well. A few comments about feelings or actions in between the dialogue would help to establish point of view and bring us into the scene. For example, " can hold me as long as you want." She inhaled deeply and smiled at the heartwarming scent of sunscreen and sandbox. "Mmmm, I love for..."

This was a delightful read, though, and the love between these two comes shining right through!
Can't be anything more joyful than having time with the grandchildren. Good job.
Marvelous picture of joy. Great job!
I loved this just the way it was. Your story has a unique quality to it and that's what I loved about it. Whata beautiful account of what joy is. Great work.
I'm a Grandma, and I can see as well as hear what is being said. Great job.
This was too cool. Very unique and I love how the title slides in with your piece.

Using only dialogue is risky, but you did it very well. Not an easy task.

You also chose conversation that affects many people.

Great job.
You certainly gave this a perfect title, and the two characters had wonderful personality, developed in just a few words. Very well done.
I love this! My five year old grandson and I have these same conversations. I treasure those moments. No greater joy than spiderman on your lap, daydreaming of how he'll one day save the world.

Beautiful dialogue and wonderful way to use the topic.
Life doesn't get any better than this, a glimpse of Heaven's glory for sure! If you continue such polished writing, you won't be in Beginners very long. I see a Master, here!