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Good stuff here. I especially like this line: "Inside I know God would not give me this physical challenge if he didn’t have an eternal solution." Nicely done.
The very essence of hope, I really enjoyed reading this one. Good job!
I liked that whole paragraph that talks of what is going on in the inside! You have written something that is very encouraging.
This has, I suspect, been wrought in the fire of adversity (in other words, it sounds as if it is autobiographical). Great message. Small technical point - take a look at this sentence: 'When one has hope they don’t doubt what tomorrow may bring, they don’t weep for what they don’t have, but rejoice for what they do'. Do you see how your POV (point of view)has shifted? smooth out one or two little things like that, and it would be even better. Good writing.
I LOVE your message here, it is so heartfelt and inspiring.

You have written this with such great care and emotion, and there are some really wonderful descriptions and thoughts captured here.

I agree with the POV (point-of-view) comment, if you clean those up this would be superb.
cool, sounds alot like emotion writing. see the message boards- water cooler to know more