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The story touched me, but there were parts that left me a little confused.
The most tragic of circumstances show the Lord's grace and power in the most powerful light.It's in these times that the strength of the Lord becomes most real and evident to our souls.
A very touching and tragic story. The Lord's Hand is always there.
Some grammatical errors distract, but the overall story is well-written. I like that the Lord held her by the elbow - His strength is what we each need.
Wow! If there was ever a situation that calls for inner strength, this would be it.

Quite a few of your sentences start with "She..." Work on finding other phrases or clauses, to give your sentences more variety. One way to do that is to give names to your characters, and another is to combine or rearrange sentences. Consider this:

She wore a black jacket and black slacks. Her hair tied back in a tight slick pony tail, no make up, no jewelry. It was all she could do to get up out of bed that morning; going on with life seemed an impossible task. Nevertheless, she rolled out of bed and hit the floor on her knees begging to God for help. Praying for inner strength, she begged for the mercy only God could give her. Without inner strength, she could not get through the rest of the day and the rest of her life. God would help her--if she could lean on Him.

I hope to read more gripping stories from you in the coming weeks!