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I'm not sure if it was the breeze coming in from the window behind me or not, but I got the "tingles" reading this story. Isn't God's grace wonderful!

There are some things that I think should be between quotation marks or italics to distinquish them from the description, but this was well done. Thanks.
I agree, this was well done. Great word play.
I enjoyed your story very much. You draw the word pitures clleary enough for the reader to become part of the story. Good job.
Very cool. I loved the transformation and fulfillment that your character found. Very powerful.

Sorry, pressed the wrong key! Good story! It does need punctuation and the word "lied" paragraph 6, 2nd sentence should be lay.
Some good similes here, and an engaging writing style. Consider ending several sentences sooner, and allowing your reader to come to the same conclusion as your main character. Nice job!
Intriguing and exciting. I enjoyed it. Great work!
Honesty comes before; you need to use quotes on the opening lines, on the scripture and throughout when applicable; the word "lay" instead of lied needs to be used. Transformation was prevalent but "fulfillment" (the topic) was scarce. HOWEVER, it was an Interesting, Ingriguing and Fascinating read. Thanks for sharing.
Nice use of descriptive words and phrases to conjure up images - this flowed very well. God bless.
You definitely have the talent! Grammar glitches and presentaion can be easily fixed with time and instruction, but "the write stuff" is a gift. :0)
Blessings~ LG