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Truly a cute story - I will have to keep that in mind next month after my first child is born. It is amazing what a mother will do for their baby. Just in the past 8 months I have given up so many of my daily delights. I forgot that it doesn't end at their birth.
Ewww...don't I remember that headache. I found that taking Theragram with the minerals, A to Zinc really knocks those headaches. Good story, and writing. God bless ya, littlelight
Very cute.
LOL - thankfully I never was addicted to that drug, so it wasn't hard to avoid while pregnant/nursing. My hubby on the other hand went cold turkey after Eileen was born. We discovered it was causing him to have low blood pressure and pass out! Well done!
This is very well written. Great dialogue and real characters. You did well!
Heheheh well written! I liked this, Georgiana! (BTW - the novel is coming along quite nicely, I just finished Chapt. 3 - where "Georgiana Daniels" makes her first appearance :P )