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Very nicely done - a couple of edits and you'll have a winner. I especially loved this line: "Then it dawns on me, do I believe God is in control? Because if I do, then I am free to have self-control in all situations, even when my fruit is being squeezed."
Ah, I remember well those days of working so my husband go go to graduate school while our two preschool daughters were in daycare...
I really like the way you brought this story full circle with the car pulling up next to you. A good bit of humor too, finding out that she is a nun! Nicely written entry.
I found it just a little humorous to find out our fruit is being squeezed. Good lesson! Also, I seen that your prayer was answered immediately. But sometimes we just to big of a hurry, or a pickle to realize it. Really well done, enjoyed reading. God Bless ya, littlelight
A truly delightful read. The humour doesn't lesson the seriousness of the occasion nor the anxiety you experienced, but it shows what a capable writer you are.
I just loved this! Great analogy with the fruit. I look forward to reading more of your articles:)
I really loved this story! I could relate to so much of it, especially the line: "Sheepishly, I wish I could peel the Jesus Loves You bumper sticker off the back of my car." We have one of those window stickers of a girl kneeling in prayer at the cross on my van. I want to hide it every time my husband is driving and gets impatient. lol I also loved the line about getting your fruit squeezed. You have a great writing style too!
Been there, done that! Traffic is the worst tester of godly fruit there is. When I'm running late or there is an emergency it seems like others sense it and automatically slow down!!! There's a lesson here for us all. If we truly believe God is in control, we can ease up off of the accelerator and allow God to get us to our destination in His own time. Thanks for sharing! :)
Brilliant choice to up the drama: first day at work, phone call from daycare, what a nightmare. Amusing with some delightful insights. Well done. Yeggy