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Yes, hallelujah and Amen! Great description of the Lord and his work in our life.
This is a powerful allegory, beautifully written. I've read it twice now, to fully realize the symbolism of your well-chosen words. The only thing that I'm not clear on is the little girl, and her role in your changed spirit. Who is she? This is a piece to ponder.
Had some computer trouble as I began to comment. This is such a powerful statement of turning from the past darkness and beginning anew!
A few punctuation (mostly commas) errors,a couple of typos, but the piece itself stands in such Spirit-inspired power that I tried to overlook them. One of the most masterful descriptions of the bondage of the old life was this: "Until now, I ran hard, fought hard, and lived recklessly abandoned for the Darkness of my past. I sat in fellowship with the Darkness, drank the poison of the Temptress, fight back to back with Deception against the Light. I made covenants with Death, and ran errands of mischievous destruction for many abominable masters’."
Thank you so much for sharing this testimonial.
Very powerful! I, too, was unclear with the little girl's I missing something?
My eyes were riveted to the mural you painted with your words. However, I too was confused about the little girl...maybe when the challenge is over you can help us out. Good job!