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that has always been one of my favorite stories! It's so relevent now days when in the Middle East I wonder who would stop to help the one of another faith...But maybe there is once again a good samaritan
I always like the story of the Good Samaritan. I would have liked to read a personal account on how the writer experienced "Sweet Hospitality".
It is definitely good practice to rewrite parables in your own words and you did a good job here. I don't understand the meaning of this sentence 'He has a young man on a journey.' and it is important to make your first sentence and you last your finest work. The first one makes the reader want to read more. The last one leaves him with something to remember. How about, The mule ambled along the well-worn path lost in the same dreamy reverie as his master.
what a "sweet" twist on this powerful parable.