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This is a very interesting avant garde poem with a lot of promise. I like the six labeled sections, and the clear progression therein.

It's really not a sonnet, though ( a sonnet has a very specific and rigid form), and there are several spelling errors.

Nevertheless, your poetic language and the message of hope, love, and escape really drew me in. I hope that you'll work more on this poem--the potential is huge.
I agree with Jan - you certainly have a very original approach. Work with this and maybe post it in the critique circle. God bless.
I can identify with a lot that you say about hiding from the pain of reality in the imagination. What a gift the imagination is, and how easy it is for us to abuse it. I agree that you have a unique writing style and encourage you to keep growing it. Yeggy
How did I miss this in the 'escape' week? In fact, I remember asking you about it and then I forgot to look for it. Anyhow, I've found it now.

Like the others said, it sure is an original approach - very creative. The bolded underlined capitalized words really stood out ... which I guess was the intention ;-)

Well done.