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Excellent message, very inspirational.

God bless~
After entering your story, if you use the preview option you can see what your story will look like in print to others. Then if there are changes you want to make try to find the place where it says you can go back and fix up anything you see you would like to change. This may be towards the top of the page or even at the bottom. But you can go back in and make changes you might want to make.

In life we can make changes by following what the Holy Spirit tells us we should do. We begin by faith in Jesus but then continue by following/obeying all the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy the writing process and you will quickly improve.
Nice job my friend! The article was well written and informative.

God Bless!

Doc B.
This is a powerful piece and many people will be able to relate to it. There were some typos, incomplete sentences, and missing punctuation that a good proofreader could help you catch. Your message is a profound one though. You also did a great job of nailing the topic. Even if I didn't know what it was, I would have guessed it easily. Keep writing. You have a lot of stories that only you can tell. Nice job.
Right on topic with a clear message. I'd like to see you expand it a little bit and add more detail of her inner turmoil. Overall this has such great potential! Keep on writing and entering!