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Thank you for sharing this with us. I was moved by the words, the story, and the message.

God bless~
Such a vulnerable piece of writing. You put on paper (so to speak) things that others may feel at times in given situations but be afraid to say them out loud. I love it when people are real and allow God to continue to refine them. Nice job on the story.
Good example of letting your light shine. We don't always know who will see it.

At one point where it mentions the "church's assistance committee" I thought that your husband may have been the preacher but that changed at the end of the story.

It is interesting how things work out while living by faith.

This is a good example for many of the rest of us in our lives.

Keep up the good work and the good writing.

Oh wow. That was powerful and gripping. Very good piece of writing.
Nice article! Nearly all positives and very few negatives.

God Bless!
I really enjoyed this. The honesty of the MC is admirable and really touched my heart. I think you did a marvelous job of writing on topic in a fresh and interesting way.

The one red ink I offer is I would have written this in the past tense instead of present. I feel like it would have flowed more smoothly.

Overall, you did a fantastic job. I love the ending. God does work in wonderful ways. His fingerprints were obviously over the whole situation. Though the ending wasn't what the humans may have wanted, God saw and knew the bigger plan. He is so wonderful and amazing in that way, and I love the everyday ways he shows us his love and plans and for us. If you haven't entered the testimony contest, I'd really urge you to do so. You have a beautiful testimony here and it will touch many people in many ways.
This is such an excellent and honest example of faith and how it works in the lives of Christians. No, none of us get it all right all the time, we sometimes doubt, sometimes choose the wrong words, feelings and actions. But every time God will lead us back onto that straight and narrow path of love.

You did a good job of presenting the conflict, both physical and the inner conflict. Thank you for opening that window. Keep up the wonderful work. I'm eager for your next one!