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So good! I loved reading this touching and eloquent story. Very nicely done.

God bless~
This story made me smile. What sweet innocence. No wonder the Lord loves little children.
This is such a lovely story. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

For future references, be mindful of awkward sentence such as these: "Remain back, I more wanted, and started to fade to sleep." Simple rephrases can make the sentences stand stronger. Example: "Remain at the house" or "Stayed back." "I wanted more..." "Started to doze off" or was drunk with sleep etc"

Overall, a very good piece. I also like how you tied the topic into the story. Keep writing.
Is this a true Southern funeral?

This sentence seemed awkward: "
My mother assisting the family with the arrangements, it seemed there was much to do."

"assisted" seems to match up better with the word "seemed".

Read it out-loud and see what it seems to you.
I enjoyed your story. I love the words Matriarch and Patriarch. We don't seem to use them as much anymore. I think they are titles of honor.

Did you mean you were a "small girl" or a young girl?

Good job on this piece.
I enjoyed your story. And you did a good job bringing it on topic. Keep on submitting entries!
Lovely story with lots of Southern charm. Thanks for writing and drawing attention to the importance of the godly women in our lives.
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