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I found this story very interesting and I like your take on the topic. Excellent build-up the climax as Satan roars past with his demonic whirlwind, then gets defeated by the Lord. A bit of dialogue might have been nice to round it out, but I love the message. Nice work!
Fantastic job with your entry, I enjoyed this entire well written piece.

God bless~
What a compelling story, very interesting. I like the ending....keep writing.
This is one of my favorite biblical passages. Wonderfully graphic way to explore it.

Sometimes, we all feel as if looking into the unknown grave.
I see the obvious battle between good and evil but the more subtle is Nathan looking for what God was calling him for.

Each person has to find what God intends for him. We than can take it on or refuse to undertake it.

I would think if Moses had refused to take on the roll God was calling him for that Aaron would have been the leader of the Israelites from Egypt.

We each have to find and "pick up our cross" (out of context phrase) and life the life God has laid out for us.

Good writing.
I see a tremendous amount of potential in your writing style, and I hope you pursue your craft. I am curious if the unknown grave is the empty tomb? That idea would play in well with the rage of Satan who is defeated by Christ's death and resurrection. Good job!
Great potential in your writing. I enjoyed this story and hope you will continue to write pieces such as this.

I enjoyed this tremendously. I like the way you allow the reader to distinguish for themselves the enacted truths behind the events. Good work.