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Very interesting slant on the old phrase. I learned something new.

Your article should be divided into more paragraphs. Each new main idea could be a new paragraph.

Short paragraphs can actually emphasize a point.

You connected the phrase to some useful concepts found in the Bible.

We need to catch ourselves as we evaluate a Bible verse so we gain the truth it contains.

Interesting thought in your article.
This article is an eye opener, i have learnt a lot from it.

It would be good to use paragraphs in your article.

Otherwise ...good job!
I enjoyed the alternative and/or the original context of the phrase. It is a great reminder. Thank you.
Very good job with the topic... you brought forward an interesting and historical overview of the cliche, while providing an important message in the process.

I especially liked this part: We spend more time making sure we know the details of the employee handbook than we do the handbook of life.

Very good!

God bless~
This is really good and attacks the topic in a fresh and interesting way. You made me stop and think and that is good.

I challenge you to get your message across without using the topic words. It wouldn't be easy, but some of the best on topic stories never mention the topic words. I think you're good enough to pull it off with some work.

I found your piece interesting and easy to follow. Though it might benefit from shorter paragraphs with double space between them, I think you have a lot of potential. You were on topic and did so in a way I haven't seen yet. This is a delightful read from beginning to end.
Your piece is very informative. You took us on a walk down history lane. I'll say nothing more on the paragraph issue. Continue writing.