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Well done and well written. I really enjoyed your multi-layered entry. Many meanings to this piece.

Thanks. God bless~
And how shall they believe unless they are exposed to the words of truth.

Sometimes short sentences can be powerful.

Divide longer paragraphs with a short powerful sentence.

Also using two spaces between paragraphs make a piece easier reading.

Keep writing so your readers will experience THE WORD.
You have certainly dished out food for thought...
Very insightful.Try to work on paragraphs; the spacing is helpful for readers.

Wing His Words
This is a lovely piece. I had tears in my eyes because I so could relate to your message. I'm often afraid to dream, and sometimes when I pray, I ask for the strength to ask for God's help. Not everyone gets what I'm saying, but I suspect that you will.

Just some thoughts that I hope you'll realize comes from a place of love and a genuine desire to help you become the best writer possible. I think if you go back and count how many times you use the word expose. When I see someone use the topic wod a lot, I wonder if they worried it would be off topic. You can write on topic without ever mentioning the topic words at all. For me, one of the things that helped improve my writing was reading and commenting on as many stories as possible each week. By pointing out the good things I like about a piece as well as offer an honest critique, I'm able to adjust my own writing as well.

I really liked your message. Be sure to add the exact place in the Bible when you use a quote. Your words make me eager to look up that verse. You really touched my heart. God knew in this exact moment I would need your words so He inspired you to write them and had me read them when I needed them the most. How wonderful God is. Thank you for your obedience to his nudging. I know how scary it can be to share your intimate thoughts with strangers, but your words made a difference in my life. I'm eager to read more of your stories.

Congratulations for ranking 10th your level! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.)