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As we grow, we become more of what Jesus wants us to be.

You seemed relaxed as you opened up about yourself and your husband. This shows humility and eagerness to please Jesus.

This was well written and easy to read and follow.
Your heart felt comments are well received. Until the conclusion, I didn't think this was on topic, and, perhaps then only marginally so. Even so, it was well worth reading.
Oh, what a heart felt testimony!
Continue to serve where you are both through verbal and written word...

Wing His Words
At first I was a little confused as the story seemed to ramble. I am glad I stuck with it as your ending was a powerful testimony. I hope that you will be able to use your circumstances, passion and writing skills to witness to many more.
I loved how you shared the true nature of missionary work (as I understand it)...reaching out to the lost, lonely, frightened, confused, and "unchurched." My church often goes to countries that I would consider exotic (strange, foreign, exciting, out of my cultural realm). You have found a way to reach out to those in need in your own backyard! great testimony.

You may wish to review the use of the word "that," which is one of my greatest stumbling blocks.
Thank you for sharing your story with us, which was dripping with sincerity and a contrite heart. Your words will touch many.

I pray God continues to guide you in your "mission" as well as your husband.

God bless~
I enjoyed this article. I think you did a nice job of expressing your opinions and leaving the reader with something to ponder.

You tend to do more telling than showing. One way to help create a picture for the reader is to add details. For example this line: Nancy asks in her usual cheerful, yet determined manner.
could become:
Nancy raises her right eyebrow as her smile spreads across her freckled face. "Do you have your book?"
That's just an example to show how you can still identify the speaker while giving the reader a mental picture.

The other red ink I would offer is go back and look at how often you repeat words (or variations) like read and call. Mixing it up some and combining sentences will help draw the reader in. For example you could do something like this: Although I don't believe God wants me to travel to me to a faraway land, I do feel that He has a particular design for every person.

Overall, I think you did a nice job. I imagine that it's not easy to write about your husband being in prison. I do admire, however, your ability to take a bad situation and use it to glorify God. That is an awesome example of the Holy Spirit working in you to help guide others to His door. I also really enjoyed the ripple analogy. It's so true and you managed to express it in an almost poetic way. Nicely done.
Congratulations on placing 6th in your level! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)
Congratulations on placing 6th in your level! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)