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I like how you tied the forbidden tummy rub with how we often portray the same behavior. What a cute story. I your cat will eventually let someone rub his tummy. Nice job. Enjoyed reading it.
Great story and spiritual application. Good job:)
Cats are cats and people are people.

Your story reminds us to repent even if we don't have a Nathan who comes to talk to us.

Nice comparison.
This is a delightful read. You drew me in right away and had me giggling at the mental pictures you painted for me.

I only have some tiny red ink. You use quite a few adjectives and adverbs. Sometimes less is more. You may want to try finding more verbs that pop. For example shredding gave me a delightful (well maybe not delightful-more bloody, but definitely vivid) picture.

You have a grand sense of humor and had me chuckling several times. I like the part about your wife--you should listen to her looks :)All in all a splendid bit of writing with a timely message,
This was a witty and lighthearted piece that made me smile. I truly enjoyed it.
Thank you!

God bless~
Congrats! God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 3 in level 1 and 24 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.)