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This is a delightful read. You had me smiling throughout this inner turmoil that your poor MC endured. I'm not a chocolate person myself, but I was hooked on rice cakes and honey so I totally get it.

One thing you may want to be aware of is how many times you used the words Ding Dong. I know part of it was for effect, but I think it was overdone just a tiny bit and you may want to substitute some other words like pastry or even something benign like it. Another thing to reduce a bit is the exclamation points and the repeat question marks. You have some excellent word choices, allow the words to do your exclaiming for you.

I think you did an awesome job of writing on topic. Though this was done in a comical way, I couldn't help but think this is an awesome story to demonstrate bulimia or other eating disorders. It's a way to draw attention to the fact that some people do actually go through what your MC went through on a regular basis and while that isn't funny stories like this are a great way to start discussions with young girls (and guys)about the dangers of eating disorders and binge eating. I think this article will touch people in ways that you may never have dreamed of and I think you did a great job with it. I look forward to reading more of your work. You feel like a natural to me. :)
Great take on the topic. I almost used this take myself. Good story, good writing.

Spaces between the paragraph make it much easier to read.

Otherwise, good job!
Hahahahahahahaha.....This was so funny, and it was right on topic! Hahahahahaha...I am a chocolate lover, and can relate to this clever piece!

Loved it...God bless~